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The most efficient channel to grow followers.

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Select Key Opinion Leaders

  • Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) or influencers are the most efficient channel to advertise and grow followers on Wechat.

  • They will promote your brand to the audience that trusts them, achieving social proof and helping to convince customers to purchase your products.

  • We will select the most appropriate Key Opinion Leaders for your brand to start promoting on Wechat

Campaign Setup

  • We work hand-to-hand with the KOL to create a campaign that maximizes return for your brand.

  • With your Mini Program, KOL campaigns are the most efficient way to promote your products. Directly link Infuencer´s content to your Mini Program achieving direct conversion. Forget about QR Codes!

Watch your Mini Program get traffic

  • A Wechat KOL campaign will bring traffic to your Mini Program, creating sales opportunities.

  • The endorsement from the KOL will impact how your brand is perceived by customers and increase conversion rate.

  • This is a huge advantage, in particular for brands which are new to the Chinese market.

Measure Results

  • Get real time reports about your KOL campaigns performance.

  • Watch your account grow the performance of your WeChat advertising campaigns and the growth of your account.

  • You will know what campaigns are best for your brand and can take decisions that maximize your return on investment.